The market garden

ROOTCRAFT grow herbs and hardy perennials with organic principles.  

I grow and sell locally at markets and events, as well as, direct to clients and customers.  This means that what I grow, adapts well, when planted out in your garden.  I offer standard nursery pot sizes up to two litres.

Plants are hand-raised in a market garden, where the aim is to grow better not bigger.  I strive to produce dynamic herbs, that are packed with nutrition and have strong root development for continued vigor.  

I make peat free soil mixes and use simple organic fertilizers.  The results are hard working urban herbs, providing years of health and happiness.

My fresh list is seasonal, flexible and I am led by my customers.  If you enjoy using herbs, from basil for your balcony, to stinging nettles for your bog garden. Let me know what to grow!

To contact the nursery please email: